First day of school

Today is day one of term one, of the new school year. A big day for all school aged kids and their parents. Today Miss 5 would have started Pre Primary. I have seen all of the Facebook photos of her little friends, dressed in their uniforms, with big smiles on their faces, so proud to be starting big school. It’s been really hard to see, I can’t help but feel that there should be a photo of my little girl in her first day uniform too. It didn’t occur to me that not having one would hit me in the feels. So to make myself feel better and remind myself of the reasons why I don’t have or want a “first day of school” photo, I thought I’d write this.
Currently we are on a family holiday in Mauritius. Husband, Miss 9 months, Miss 2.5, Miss 5 and myself. We were able to get the trip relatively cheap, or as cheaply as we can expect when travelling with 3 children, because it is outside of the school holiday period. In the last week, Miss 5 has had a long conversation with a lovely elderly couple from Zurich, she has spoken to the Mauritian staff at the hotel, as well as other tourists from India, France and South Africa. She has taken in the sights of a third world country, which has lead to discussions on economy, currency, lifestyles and how fortunate we are to have been born in a country like Australia. She has been drawing pictures of the local wildlife, and the flowers that she can see from our hotel room. We have seen the local temples and had discussions about religion. She has tasted foreign food, seen varieties of plants and birds that are different to home, and she has almost grown gills and fins with the amount of swimming she has done. We have collected shells, found pippis, found starfish, walked on the beach and eaten our body weight in chocolate ice cream 🙂 In two days we will be having a Mummy and Daughter day and we will be out dolphin watching together and then snorkeling on the reef. This has been our first week at school.
Coming away from our time in Mauritius, Miss 5 will have learned to play Bocci, she has picked up snippets of French – and has decided she wants to learn how to speak French when we get back to Perth – she has learned a Mauritian dance, and she has learned the valuable life lesson of gratitude. Plus, when we get home, there will be no rush for her to get back to normal in order to start school, she can take her time to get over the jet lag, get lots of rest, swim and play with her sisters and relax before we start with our own lessons.
In the meantime, I will admire the gorgeous photos of my friends’ little ones on their big day, and I will remember that our journey may be different, but it is still pretty special.





2 thoughts on “First day of school”

  1. Life’s lessons can only be experienced, and Miss 5 will certainly learn more from this trip away than she would have at school. What an experience for all of your young family, and yes, we are lucky to live in Australia and what better way to encourage respect and appreciation for what we enjoy at home, you can’t learn that at school. So very proud to see a mother and father taking the time to teach their young family, not only right from wrong, but to experience life, what it has to offer, but more importantly, understanding what she will read in books or see in pictures. I am a General Manager of a company, with no formal education other than obtaining my School Certificate, and I must admit that what your children will learn from this, and I am sure will be many more, the important things we fail to experience until we are to old and that is we can tackle what life throws at us, that no does mean no, that we have to earn what we want and the grass is not always greener on the other side. Most importantly, I can see your children growing up with appreciation, respect, patriotism and love. Enjoy this journey it will be an experience for all of you.


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