I’ve always lived a little left of normal. I’ve never really liked to do what I’m told, or do things just because everybody else does, or do things a certain way, because it’s the way things have always been done. Luckily, I married a man who is either happy to watch me dance to the beat of my own drum, or happy to join me. And we are raising our three daughters (Miss 5, Miss 2.5 and Miss 8months) to live the same way!

We have recently made the decision to homeschool Miss 5. The reasons are many and varied, but we have thought long and hard about it and we believe that this is the right thing for our family.

Since¬†making the decision we have found that people are curious as to what it means, why we chose this way of doing things, and how we plan to do it. Also, to satisfy Board of Education requirements, I have to make a yearly report and show documented examples of our work throughout the year. Hence this blog. We’re killing two birds with one stone!

So, friends and family, I hope this answers all of your questions and I hope it offers you a new perspective. Please enjoy our blog and the little window into our lives that are a little to the left.



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ll surely be following your blog bel, your writing, thinking and perspective inspires and intrigues me, always has! Your girls are very blessed to have you and Brett both.
    Enjoy the adventure and the wonderful journey ahead.. Looking forward to reading your updates and blogs xox


  2. Wow Bel I always knew you would do big things in your life and I am so happy to hear that you are teaching your girls your way of thinking they are already defiantly the most outgoing individuals and funny to boot I can’t wait to hear about what you guys are doing next love guys xxx


  3. Congratulations on your choice to homeschool! We are still a few years away from the official starting age but in the meantime I love finding new Aussies homeschool blogs to read. You can see my list of 200+ here – http://frangipani.bloomfields.net.au/classroom/australian-homeschool-blogs/
    I have started to look back through many of your posts and I look forward to reading along with the adventures yet to come! Happy homeschooling!


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